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Buford's Big Bad Breakthrough

Here's some essays I jus' whipped up outta nowheres.

If you find yourself stumbling when there isn't an apostrophy where there should be, don't blame it on yours truly. For some reason, when I paste text onto the page they all get deleted. I've tried to fix all of them, but if you catch one, bring it up in the Blog so I can address it.

Ever wondered why Jack Daniel's decided to go with a cheerleader beer? This essay tries to explore their reasoning and uncovers one possible explaination and the flaws in doing so...


Breaking into manhood isn't easy, especially when the instructor is mute 90 percent of the time. But there is always something to be learned, even in silence.

Sometimes it's better to keep on, rather than give up. But when fools and quacks run the country, what's the point? Mr. Bush, PLEASE READ.

This is another class essay that centers around three of the best things in life; sex, jealousy and addiction. Yes, perhaps you may see something of yourself in me. But your addictions are your own. And so are mine.


This political essay links my views of the PATRIOT Act with Lillian Hellman's views on the McCarthy hearings of the 1950s. Heed her warning, friends, or heed mine.