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Family Album
Buford's Big Bad Breakthrough

A Bufordian Bio...

You're probably wondering who the Hell this nut is.
Well, I'll tell you...
Dr. Buford was born in Sandy, Utah. He lived there with his mother, father and two brothers--one of which a twin--for about seven years. His parents (one of Protestant upbringing, the other with a strict Catholic background) decided the onslaught of Mormans was too vile a snakepit of religious homogeny to bring up two young, bright boys.
His mother took the two of them to Spokane, Washington, where they awaited their father, who thought it better to hold a job until he could gain work in Spokane, and their older brother, who was an adult by the time of the move. The older brother chose to stay in Utah despite the Mormons and a brief stead with his other brothers in Spokane.
Buford's father eventually joined the others in Washington, shortly before the job his mother recieved that prompted the move was swept from beneath her. Her only alternative was to move the family again, to Kennewick, Washington.
The boys lived in Kennewick, part of the Tri-Cities, until their freshman year in High School. Once again, their mother was forced to relocate to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, which is about 30 miles east of Spokane and they followed yet again.
After finishing High School, Buford's brother went to Iowa for college while he stayed and completed his A.S. at the nearby community college. He is now completing his final credits at the University of Idaho in Moscow.
What follows is a list of photos and the stories behind them to fill in the blanks in this ragged timeline...

Buford's big brother. (not to be confused with Big Brother) He's as free-spirited and self-determined as Tristan, who has often been compared with him. A chef, stage-lighting king and musician, he plays important roles in seeking alternatives to normal life and the deeper meaning of all things.

The love of his life, his fiance and the longest relationship he's had, ever. On the upside, she's been supportive, loving and emotionally stable. On the downside, this has made it almost impossible for him to carry on with a bitter sentiment toward women, which was the staple of his early writings.

Chrysteen's son. He is inspiration for Buford's patience, having tested it thoroughly. He is a ball of energy that people look at and say, "Oh, he'll be a football player/wrestler/cowboy/firefighter/cop/etc..." in full confidence. And each is right.

Buford's Mom. She has been a driving force in Buford's life, both physically and inspirationally. Strong-willed and outspoken, her genes helped push Buford to his limits.

Thing 1
Buford's twin brother, now far separated. He is the backbone, strength, determination and spirit that Buford tries to personify in some of his characters. He's now finishing up a degree in music/archaeology across the country and plans to join the Marines when he's finished.

Buford's Dad. He's quiet a lot, but he has a sense of wisdom that comes up at the most inopportune times and can't be well described. Still, he makes attempts to do so.

Buford's daughter. She's so independent she's rumored to have refused to eat as an infant when being spoonfed until she was allowed to feed herself. She's tall for her age and, while lacking somewhat in verbal skills, she is extremely advanced with problem-solving. This page is picture-heavy.

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