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Buford's Big Bad Breakthrough

In short...


This is the important page. While the site is a refuge for my school essays, more importantly, it's the home to my novel that I'm going balls-to-the-wall, full-speed ahead with so I can finish up by Nov. 30, 2003. The goal is to get 50,000 words. It's some annual thing that this website puts on. If you want more info, contact me.

I've found that it's much easier for me to start things than finish them, so I've decided to spend 15 minutes a day on each chapter rather than sitting to do each one in full before moving on. At least that way I'll keep from being bored of one subject and keep the pace going. At the bottom of each chapter is an overview of what the unfinished chapter's going to be about.
Be careful, though. Some of this writing is pretty dangerous.


Click on a link below to go to that section. I've tried to divide it up so it's not such a bog to read.
So, when you click on the chapter, you will see it in sections, like Chapter 1.A, 1.B, 1.C... to show how and what I've added on the main storyline of that chapter in the left column. In the right column you may see revisions of certain sections as they come up. These will be ideas/questions/alternatives.
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