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The little Bug that could
Buford's Big Bad Breakthrough

Yet another project without hindsight or experience.

What you'll see below is a little project I got myself involved in and the trials I'm sure to be going through.
Like everything else, this was a project on a whim. I'm not too far into it financially and I'm hoping to get it up and running with less than $1000. So far that leaves me with a pretty hefty chunk for repairs and replacements.
Feel free to post suggestions or advice on my blog page. Anything helps.


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I decided to start this project as a tribute to Gordon Buford, a great uncle who wrote the Love Bug. The end product should be strikingly similar, but with a few things left alone.

Here's the skinny on the little bugger...
  • 1971 Volkswagen Beetle
  • No engine
  • Spare transmission
  • Minor rust damage
  • Clean interior
  • Paid $250.00

  • (3/9/04) I sent out payment for the bug last week. The owner lives in Carson City, Nevada, and said he'd be willing to transport it to Coeur d'Alene if I help out with gas. He said yesterday he got the money and has sent the title and bill of sale. (note: He and his brother used to restore/modify bugs and bought this one for the engine. From what I understand, it hasn't been out and about much, but I don't know how long it's been under his care.) He'll be transporting it the first week of June.
  • (3/29/04) Well, I think it's safe to say I've gone a little nuts with the whole bug thing...I've since looked into several big-bore engines, done some massive price checking for the restoration and stumbled on a half-dozen parts suppliers from across the country. I got the title the day after my last post and found out I'll also need a VIN verification to go with it and get it registered. I also got a complete idiot's guide to repair and just about anything that would come up on the road. This is a blast.


  • (4/5/04) My friend and I started drueling over some modifications to the Beetle that were more than cool. The photo to the right shows a rear fender addition that drops down past the middle of the tire. It looks like old-school. I'm also planning for '50s Pontiac taillights that will be inset in the fenders. This is called Frenching. Why, I couldn't tell you.


  • (4/10/04) Other than dealing with DMV issues, things appear to be going smoothly. The owner managed to find tin and the rest of the motor parts to rebuild a 1600 dual-port engine. I've decided to take him up on it and rebuild the engine myself until I can afford to buy a new one that's somewhere around 2100. Zoom zoom, baby...

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