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Buford's Big Bad Breakthrough

Lies, Lies, Lies

Most of my fiction tends to run long, which for me is about 10 double-spaced pages at a 12-font type. I've listed the stories below, with a short synopsis of each. The pages won't have columns like others on this site to keep you from scrolling down to Hell...
If you find yourself stumbling when there isn't an apostrophy where there should be, don't blame it on yours truly. For some reason, when I paste text onto the page they all get deleted. But I can live with it for now. If you can't, e-mail me and I'll go through and fix the grammar. I just need to know someone cares before I go sifting through.

This short story is about a man struggling to deal with his mother, who is deteriorating from Alzheimers...About 3,000 words.