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Buford's Big Bad Breakthrough

Welcome, enjoy, and I apologize for all the goddamn popups.

There's a whole lot of creepy-crawly websites out here, and somehow or another you've managed to crawl to one of the creepier. Here you'll find one of three things, if you are so inclined to hunt...
  • True salvation through the light of GOD ALMIGHTY (or one of his alter-egos);
  • Enough trash, trite and otherwise meaningless workings of a homocidal psycho jungle cat of a man to stir up the same cat in you; or


  • A meaningful breakthrough of the English language that can only be described as a fine example of Keith Hunter/William Falukner/Kate Chopin/Cormac McCarthy/Hunter S. Thompson-esque prose.

If you like any of the stories here, feel free to post something.

If you don't like any of them, send some of your worst enemies my way. Perhaps it's a torture enough for them to bear, and for you to give without reserve.
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The Little Bug That Could is a restoration project I've got going on this summer.

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Most Recent Additions:
Born Broken, an autobiographical novel
>>>Total word count: 56,234<<<
Chapter 1 FINISHED!!!
Chapter 2 FINISHED!!!
Chapter 3 FINISHED!!!
Chapter 4 FINISHED!!!
Chapter 5 FINISHED!!!
Chapter 6 FINISHED!!!
Chatper 7 FINISHED!!!
Chapter 8 FINISHED!!!
Chapter 9 FINISHED!!!

Recent Past Additions:
Down With Uncle Spam, a commentary on the PATRIOT Act. (11-19)
Past Past Additions:
things in the dark, a class essay on, you guessed it... (11-11)
Plain Old Additions:
Elsie, a short fiction story (10-29)
"Prompts" tab--Great for ridding yourself of writer's block!!! (10-29)
"Fiction" tab--learning from lies is fun. (10-29)
Making the Grade, a political essay. (10-28)
Things Left Unsaid, an essay. (10-28)